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Welcome to the first and original mobile teeth whitening service in Victoria, Texas.  In 2016,  Raquel Cruz, started Bright & Go exclusively as a mobile service and has since expanded the business to studio space, nestled in central Victoria.  Bright & Go Studio  accepts on-site appointments,  group parties, as well as mobile services.



Bright & Go proudly remains the leading teeth whitening service in Victoria.  We  are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality of teeth whitening services  in the most luxurious atmosphere possible.   From the moment you walk into our studio  all of your senses are put to ease so you can relax and recharge.  

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Professional Services

One hour Teeth Whitening

Immediate results


Using state of the art equipment, our experienced team will help you achieve your brightest smile yet.  Our one-visit treatment is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile, with instant results.   During your session, our team will educate you on maintaining and lengthening  your Bright & Go smile. Your results will last 6-9 months and for some up to a year. 

        On-Site     Appointments

Your luxurious teeth whitening experience.


At Bright & Go we recognize that your schedule is  already full and your time is limited.  By scheduling your appointment at our luxurious studio  you will be in and out in about an hour.  You will experience a calming and serene environment just like a day at the spa. 

Mobile Services

In the comfort of your home. 


Bright & Go provides  mobile services and will travel up to 100 miles to conveniently brighten your smile in the comfort of your own home. 

We also have the capabilities to set up in your office so you and your team can whiten their smiles on their lunch break.


Trusted by our local dentist.
We are the only mobile teeth whitening service that is trusted by our local dentists. 

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"I'm Dr. Levi Jurich, and I work at Golden Crescent Dental, here in Victoria, Tx. Today I visited Bright & Go Mobile Teeth Whitening and  I lifted 6 shades! I had no sensitivity at all,  I am happy with my results and I will be back!"

Dr. Levi Jurich, DDS


Kristine Vera


"I have heard nothing but great things about Bright & Go.  I had an appointment last week but had to cancel due to an upcoming knee surgery.  Raquel was very accommodating to my needs and has even offered to come to my home for the teeth whitening service.  UPDATE* I have  been so thrilled with my results. I have received so many compliments about my bright smile.  Raquel has such a beautiful personality and has such a kind heart. I hope God continues to bless her thriving business. The Golden Crescent is so lucky to have her." - Kristine Vera

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity"- Joseph Addison


"I finally got to meet Raquel and check out

Bright & Go!  I feel like a BEAM OF SUNLIGHT!

Raquel is incredible, her business is awesome, and look at my teeth!"

~Megan Booth~

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"Thanks Raquel for brightening my smile and my day!"

~Amanda Humphreys~

"She was super friendly and explained everything throughout the process.  Our teeth came out great.  I was worried about my teeth being sensitive afterwards but they weren't.  I cant wait to go back to get it done again!"

Katie & Rick Folmar

Yesterday was awesome _ Victoria's 1st a

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