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From layoff to business owner.

Hi there! I'm Raquel, owner of this growing business. You may not know this, I was laid off from a company that had given my life too for over 12 years. This was 5 months after we signed the papers on our first home purchase.  My income stopped, we were  BROKE & had a family  (two boys) that depended on us, so I started looking and stumbled across teeth whitening.  I went all in and started this buisness out of the trunk of my car. literally. I opened Bright & Go, exclusively as a mobile teeth whitening service. I traveled from house to house whitening one smile at a time for a whole year! Yep a whole year, only ONE smile! You may not have heard of Bright & Go back then, but that is because I spent that entire 1st year perfecting my craft while continuing to educate myself and gaining the trust of our community. Heck, I didn't even have an Instagram page until 2018! Oh how have times changed. In January of 2019, in the beginning of a pandemic, I opened the doors to our now studio space ---- & just last week I signed my fourth year lease!  We are nestled in central Victoria, in a quiet, low traffic area that is perfect for us.  Our expierenced team has over 5 years of experience,   a very active mobile department, and are continuing to branch out in other areas. 


As I sit here and think about this journey, I get tearful. I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion because of YOU!


Because without our little community trusting our brand & our services Bright & Go would not be here. I am forever grateful to each of you. THANK YOU to our established clients who had their first teeth whitening sessions in 2016 & 2017! Thank you for letting me, a perfect stranger, come in to your homes to whiten your smiles.

Thank you to our 2018 clients who came to my home, a perfect stranger, and trusted me with your smiles.

Thank you to our early 2019 clients who visited our studio within the first 6 months of being there with no paint on the walls, no decor, and just PLAIN. You looked past that and believed in our vision.

Thank you to our 2020/2021 clients who stuck with us during a pandemic.

Thank you to our new clients.

Thank you to our future clients.


A million times thank you. 

Raquel  Beltran-Cruz

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